about the game

Phantom is still in pre-alpha stages and under constant development, expect issues like bugs, crashes and missing features.

 real gameplay image

real gameplay image


Phantom was born out of a Chinese player's dream - he dreams about a game he would love to play the most, his perfect game.

It goes something like this.

Imagine a real sized living solar system, where players can travel from one planet to another without loading, with real physics.

players can build whatever they can imagine, from simple housing to a megacity, even dig and build those megacities underground!

Players can mine, fight, build and use transport. Transport systems like Trains, Drones, Planes, Rockets, and player built automatic transportation systems.

Players can create their own epic stories and characters, with stunning graphics and visuals.

and above all that game MUST be fun to play. Yes, this game does not exist, its a Phantom, a Phantom we will create.

So, Where are we now, What have we tried ? 

 concept art from phantom

concept art from phantom


 huge map

huge map

We began development of a big planet system, here is a small tech demo we did to run on the PS4

very early KSP test, not in the game right now

To make an earth like planet was not overly difficult, what was difficult was the ability to allow playrs to build, fight, mine and travel on it and meshing these systems to work well with each other.

We tried to make a 3D printed rocket that launched players into the unknown.

As of this moment we have halted progress on this as we continue to make the core game play systems, we plan on continuing the planet systems in the near future.

2. a voxel based BUILD SYSTEM

right now, this is done.

basically, you can build anything you want, in any way you want it.



transport that uses rail systems and cranes, drones that lift and supply your factories.


4. An Epic story with a living world

 storyboard from movie trilogy phantom

storyboard from movie trilogy phantom

in order to make a great story with a living world, we wrote a movie trilogy about PHANTOM

the first one is finished, we have drawn the full storyboard.

we have done a lot of the concept art, you can see here.

and we did a very short movie about 3 years ago.

we did some motion capture and a lot of the story behind Phantom.

 trying a VR film with motion capture

trying a VR film with motion capture

6. We wanted stunning graphics and visuals

 in game graphics

in game graphics

we want to make a better looking game. we love sandbox building games but we also love real game graphics, what if a game is as much fun as some of those, but have a immersive feeling through better graphics.


7. FUN is of the utmost importance !

if we find a feature that is not enough fun, we simply remove or remake it. we are forever trying new things, not afraid to break the old world or the old rules. currently, we are now developing the new PHANTOM from single player to multiplayer, from non-voxel to voxel world, from no transport to a transport system. and we still are contining efforts to keep it fun to play.

8. We Are Players, Not just Game Developers, We Make Mistakes And We Learn

two of us working from my home to make this game, we know only to well, PHANTOM is a huge game, the possibilities are endless we just love this idea, love the world, this crazy love and hate gives us so much passion to make it all happen. yes, we may fail at 99.9% of tasks if 0.01% is all we can hope for, then 0.01 is just fine. we will carry on until PHANTOM becomes real.

9. LOOT BOX? sorry, we don't have that shit.

we love the old fashion way, we love the feeling of a game not being a f**king service you have to pay for. yes, we maybe struggling developers, but we are happy doing what we love, and we want you to be happy too, happy building.


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